Favourite Things

We are often asked about the various products we use for our cats in our home so here is a list of our favourite cat products. These are honest reviews from our own personal experiences; we are not sponsored by any of these companies for their products.

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Royal Canin & Big Country Raw

While feeding raw or wet food is always best for our feline friends, we understand this may not always be feasible. We have fed our cats various brands of cat food that we have liked but the dry food brand we currently feed our cats that has been successful for us is Royal Canin. We feed this in combination with Royal Canin wet food and Big Country Raw. Big Country Raw is hands down our favourite raw food brand and our cats love it!



Ferris Cat Wheel

When doing our research for a cat wheel, we had no idea if our cats would even use one at that point so the idea of investing a lot of money on one was very nerve wracking. There are less expensive ones on the market but after doing a bit of research we quickly learned that these less expensive ones have a tendency to break down quickly and in some circumstances, endanger the cats. We bought a Ferris Cat Wheel through ZiggyDoo and have had zero regrets! It is a very sturdy wheel and all of our cats love it, including our 11 year old Himalayan (who learned to use it by watching our bengals)! We now own three of them! ZiggyDoo's customer service is excellent as well!