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BengalCastle Kona

of BengalOhana

Kona is our lap cat. She loves nothing more than to snuggle with us as we watch TV. When she isn't on our laps she is running on the cat wheel seeking attention and praise. She has the softest fur of all of our bengals.

Asiafauve Elsa Kea

of BengalOhana

Elsa is our snow lynx girl. She has beautiful large rosettes that are becoming more defined with age and stunning sapphire blue eyes. She is a shy girl but very affectionate when she feels safe.

BengalCastle Hina

of BengalOhana

Hina is our silver girl. She is shy and likes to do everything on her terms. She is a wonderful mom and has produced some stunning kittens! She carries for brown, silver and snow lynx.

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